RentSofa, a pioneering social platform for tenants and landlords, ensures secure and confident property transactions. Designed for long-term use, it fosters ongoing communication. The platform extends beyond rentals to include property sales and land transactions.

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Stella, a comprehensive Elixir toolkit, delivers swift implementations of algorithms, data structures, and math functions. Tailored for developers, it seamlessly integrates widely-used tools, providing a robust resource for accelerated development.

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Angotia, an independently crafted MMORPG by Rafał Kostecki, distinguishes itself through distinct microservices such as a world creator, catalogs, client, and engine. Fueled by a passion for creating an immersive gaming environment, it ensures players an engaging experience.

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HF4A Save sheets

HF4A Save Sheets, an Angular-based project, facilitates browser-based game session recording for the board game High Frontier 4 All. With this tool, players can quickly save game progress directly in their browser, enabling seamless gameplay in multiple sessions, with game saves taking only 2-3 minutes.

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